How Social Media Affects SEO And How Bad Reviews Can Be Good

There is a strong connection between social media and higher rankings. Website pages linked with Google+, tweets and Facebook likes tend to have good ranking when compared with others and it is not true that social media will affect the ranking.
Sharing using social media leads to higher ranking and it increases the page visibility as it is noticed by many journalists, bloggers and author of the contents.
Rankings are directly affected by Google + activities. The Google+ post almost rank for the phrases included in the post for all the members added in your circle. This serves as a reason for some smart Googl+ users to write posts with titles with bolded headlines at the top of their post.

Search results of Google are personalized for people who had logged in with Googl+ , provided they have a connection with people who had already interacted with the contents.
Ranking is affected directly and here it shows how. If neena adds cheenu in her circle and when cheenu likes a page about buckets then that page ranks higher when neena searches for buckets.
Social signals enable google to know about your site and there will be more human engagement which increases the site traffic and increase domain authority.

Negative reviews are really good:
Negative reviews are important to get the trust of people. 68 percent of people believe in pages where there are both good and bad reviews.
Bad reviews really help us as it says about their queries on our product and their expectations. Yelp reviews with personalised feedbacks will help you solve out the customer service challenges in your company.

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An exclusive on-page SEO guide for a successful website

If you want your website to gain traffic, then do not target the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies alone, aim for the strategies that would grab attention from the users as well. Getting a higher rank on search engines is not an easy job because you must focus on different criteria! Also, you must remember NOT to commit these common errors.

Say a big fat no to auto generated (the robot-typed!) contents because it is a huge turn off for search engines.
Never EVER participate in link schemes, it’s a crime!

Do not shy away from your original self and it would be an epic fail if you produce something that is out of your league!
Do not even dream of using those redirects and stay away from unethical doorway pages.
Say sayanora to scraped texts and invest more time in genuine and fresh contents.
Do not EVER think about stuffing your content with keywords, it’s a major sin!
Be generous with snippet markup and never send too many automated queries to Google.

However, if you have become a master in implementing SEO strategies, you will have many benefits for your website.
Your page rank will have a better position on Google.
You will have an immense push up in the CTR (Click-through Rate).
You will have an enormous traffic to your site.

Your site’s conversion rate would also be higher and you would begin to notice good market revenues.
If you violate the policies from Google, the post effects are going to be severe. It will reduce the website’s rank and you would eventually fall behind in the race. Hence, master your SEO strategies before it is too late!

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Some worthy tips for YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is one of the most important strategies to make your video go viral. There are thousands of YouTube stars who are making millions of dollars off their channels. If you know the right SEO strategies, you might become the next huge prodigy! YouTube search algorithm is same as Google’s algorithm but with slight modifications.

The content of your video is very important and it plays the major role in grabbing attention from the global viewers. Make sure it is lively and not so boring, those HD shots and fancy angles would bring a hell a lot of differences!

Yes, magical keywords would do wonders but that does not mean you have to stuff your channel with keywords! Remember, famous keywords would bring a heavy competition to your channel and so, it is better to play it safe and wise with your choice of keywords.

Never be stingy when it comes to investing money in decent cameras. Believe it or not, it is the most essential part of your journey to success. A video that is of HD quality would sure win many hearts around the world.

Choose a wise name for your video and never make it too long, it is a hindrance! You could also include hyphens in your short video files names.

Your channel image could make or break your YouTube image, so upload a picture that is attractive, unique and appropriate for your channel.

Be generous with header links because it is the most underrated way of grabbing more views to your videos. If you have a second channel on YouTube, make use of the header links.

At the end of the day, a snazzy channel description is all you need! Hence, it’s no shame in using your mighty brain in creating a description that is one of a kind!

YouTube could be your best friend because it allows you to create more than one playlist simply because it provides easier navigation. This is one awesome way to please a grumpy and impatient user!

You could add your favorite channels that are relevant to yours and it could even be your second “infamous” channel! Make sure your video title and description are catchy and unique, keep it short and simple. Do not go overboard with your keywords that could possibly spoil the entire game plan.

Do not forget to add closed captions to your videos because you do not want to disappoint the hearing impaired! The most famous YouTube star, Tyler Oakley gained more subscribers to his channel by adding closed captions to his every single video.

There is nothing wrong in doing “self praises” when it comes to YouTube! Leave an interesting comment for your video that could ignite the fiery discussion. After all, publicity plays a major role in marketing strategies.

A web blog or a public forum that talks about your channel could give you an immense break and hence, befriend some famous bloggers in the town. Never forget to do research to sharpen your skills on SEO and Social media platform is the magic wand that could fetch instant publicity for your YouTube channel!

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SEO specialists VS Generalists: Which is the best?

The critics say there is going to be an immense change in the future of SEO.People would not be very much crazy about SEO as there are other marketing strategies slowly arising in the industry.But,as long as there are websites and search engines,SEO would survive.The policies would not remain the same and would differ from today’s trend. The trends change every year and SEO is not going to be about the same old keywords,internal link building because it would focus on much more beyond that.

We have so many specialists out there,but SEO skills are more important.We have generalists around the world who are experts in all the departments.SEO demands more of practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge and also latest trends as well.According to sources,generalists are aware of trendier SEO when compared to the specialists.
Nevertheless,the strategies come into play when you want to achieve a quality SEO.Also,there are no big differences between specialists and generalists.Make sure the titles are relevant and the contents are up to user’s expectations. Social media platform plays an important role in making your website go viral as it displays the content to a wider global audience.The number of likes, comments and social shares on sites like Facebook,Twitter, etc. can also fetch a higher rank on Google.The future of SEO is not going to be same as now and hence, we must get rid of the debate on which is the best,and concentrate more on new ideas.

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Knowing more about latest version of Google to promote SEO

Search engine optimization today plays an important role in enhancing online business for earning high revenues. Get help from Google recently released the latest version of its search quality rating guidelines which help to know how search engine rates work during the testing process.

Although Google introduced the version earlier, it is available only to search quality rates. The recent version covers 160 pages that will be useful for those who want to learn more about the techniques easily.

People can download it directly from the internet for improving SEO knowledge in quick turnaround time.

Moreover, it is possible to secure best sports in search engines after implementing them. It also provides methods for exploring latest techniques in SEO, Google analytics, paid search, digital marketing and social network optimization.

Another advantage is that it allows companies to plan their strategies for diverting more traffic to a website.

It is known fact that search engine optimization often undergo certain changes for increasing the quality of a website. However, it is necessary to aware about them for experiencing desired outcomes.

With Google’s recent version, it is possible to develop the skills for executing services depending upon the needs.

Additionally, it provides methods for carrying out SEO with innovative ideas for building brand reputation in the internet marketing to augment sales. Furthermore, one can be able to determine the site rankings after completely knowing them.

People can also search for more details in the internet for planning search engine optimization strategies accordingly to ensure high growth rates.

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Local SEO is becoming important to grow business

Google today gives main importance to local SEO for developing business in the markets. Many people search details in the local search engines and business firms are willing to boost their sales I them for earning high revenues.

A recent research study says that the impacts of local search engine optimization will increase in the future. Business companies need to focus more on them for achieving high growth rates.

New startups can benefit a lot with this process to reach next levels in their business. This is because Google primarily approves individual results which help to generate leads easily.

With local SEO, it is also possible to divert more traffic to a website for enhancing the maximum visibility in search engines.

As the number of mobile users increase every year, local business firms aim in optimizing their websites in smart phones and other devices to achieve best results.

Most business organizations face tough challenges from their competitors in the markets which affect the growth.

Therefore, it is necessary to overcome them with local SEO for retaining top positions in the markets.


How to execute local campaigns?

There are some factors to be considered before executing local search engine campaigns that ultimately give ways for growing business.


Updating profiles in local directories

It is an imperative one to list a business firm in local directories with name, location, phone number and address.

However, the details must be accurate one for identifying a company easily.


Focusing on local content and reviews

Business companies should create content which exactly suit their local campaigns. In addition, they must allow customers to post their reviews. This will be extremely helpful for improving a product or service to boost sales in the markets.

It is advisable to implement consistent strategies for getting favorable results in local search engines.

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7 tips for writing SEO professional content

 Content is essential one for improving the rankings of websites in major search engines. At the same time, posting fresh and unique content will lead to several advantages.

There are 7 tips available for creating a professional content which will be useful for bringing potential customers in SEO process.

1. Writing content with appropriate keywords

Keywords play a key role in content to promote a brand or service. It is necessary to identify them rightly for targeting audience in the markets.

2. Placing keywords correctly

The keywords in content must be placed correctly for reaching readers in quick turnaround time.

3. Writing user oriented content

SEO content should be people oriented one for achieving best results. It is necessary to avoid content mainly for search engine purposes to get desired outcomes.

4. Generating long content

Search engines give preferences to long content that include 500 words or more. Publishing long content makes feasible ways for dominating in search engine results.

5. Optimizing content properly

It is an imperative one to optimize SEO content properly with content management system and other tools for gaining more advantages.

6. Editing content

Errors and irrelevant details in content might lead to confusions while reading it. Hence, it is advisable to make changes before submitting content. This will help for improving the styles. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid long sentences in content.

7. Sharing content

Sharing SEO content in social media networks and other platforms will certainly help for diverting more traffic to a website.

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Optimizing images for a better SEO

A recent study reveals that optimized images in a website will attract visitors. Moreover, they help to divert more traffic in search engines for ensuring maximum visibility.

The following steps are extremely useful for optimizing images to achieve best results in SEO rankings.

Step 1: Focusing on best images

Nowadays, several websites provide a wide range of photos and images for various purposes. It is essential to redesign them with certain types of tools for getting a professional look. One can also to optimize files in a website including banner, logo and videos to experience desired results.

Step 2: Knowing the difference between PNG and JPEG

It is necessary to analyze the difference between PNG and JPG for uploading the files without any difficulties. This will be helpful for exporting and saving high quality images which exactly match a website. The process of converting a PNG file into JPEG also works well in a website for creating best impressions on customers.

3. Creating web friendly images

Creating web friendly images provide ways for making websites a popular one among visitors to undergo major changes. It is an imperative one to determine the image and file sizes while posting images.

4. Ensuring style and consistency size

Consistency size and style images will do many wonders in a website. Therefore, it is necessary to crop and play them with advanced applications for grabbing the attention of visitors.

5. Optimizing the texts wisely

It is an essential one to use valuable information in the images which brings significant results in SEO process. This will also help for improving the ranking of websites to a greater extent.

6. Using image site maps

Using image site map in a website will help to know the location easily. Furthermore, it paves ways for getting noticed by Google in SEO to gain major advantages.

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